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Hello!  Cox does throttle Panoramic service.

I've seen several posts here recently that say Cox doesn't throttle bandwidth.  I spent some time on the phone with support yesterday and they confirmed for me that they are throttling me when I go over my usage threshold (1.5TB on Panoramic router/service.)  I don't get emails, texts and I don't get additional charges for more bandwidth--like the service description describes.  I asked if it was throttling and he confirmed that it is.  I asked to purchase "unlimited data" and he said it wasn't available in my area.  When I asked what can be done, he said, "Sadly, there is nothing that can be done."  More evidence that it is throttling is that when I use the Cox tool to restart my router, it goes from 9mbps up to 700-800mbps.  It stays there for <10 minutes, and then drops back down.

My next step is to call sales and inquire about the $10/packet of bandwidth option and see why it isn't working for me.

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    Inaccurate, there is no throttling involved, unless you are downloading 4 plus terabytes in a very short period of time. Agents who suggest that for 1.5 tb, are misinformed. I know personally, 1, I used to work for Cox, 2, I went over one month by 6tb, and never saw a slow down. 

    Certain areas don't have overages, like the Hampton Roads area. 

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      They are NOT at super low speed, they are at the exact same speed as your standard internet speed. If you are having issues with slow internet, I can help you troubleshoot it, but it is untruthful to say thet the extra 50 gb packets are slower. they are not. Again, I know. I was a tech for Cox for 16 years, and over 10 years was in the Advanced Data Tier 2 team. You cannot purchase the add 500 or unlimited because they DON'T charge you extra for going over in Hampton Roads. If you don't believe me, call and request escalation to CAG and ask them, they are the advanced support team, and will provide you accurate information, something you have not been getting.