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5 years ago

The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it.

This issue has been posted before on the bulletin board.  Yet, it has not been answered. Why not?  Cox recommended this modem. I spent $200 for it and I cannot connect to the internet.  Everytime I go to, I get the message: "The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it."

Someone said, "sounds like a provisional issue" and to contact cox representative.  I did that.  I was online (using my hot spot) for 1 hour and they were not able to get me online.  In fact, they ended the help by stating, she checked with her "team" and they've been having "internet issues for the past 2 days".  Hmm, so, does this mean I didn't need to buy a new modem???

They told me to just check periodically to see if the modem eventually connects to my internet service.

I am just at a loss as to what to do.

I have the following equipment:  Netgear Model #C7000v2. 

I'd include serial # and mac address if that would help but i figure that's confidential. 

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  • Please email us as WiderMouthOpen suggested if you are still having issues. I have removed your contact information from this thread.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator