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4 years ago

Thanks COX, for increasing my bill.

Well I have been a long time customer since 2018, I have had a steady monthly rate of around 190-209$, that is affordable, but now as of this morning, I checked my bill and it is 296$, and that is not affordable, and I have no idea why this happened, I do not understand why my bill jumped that much, it is insane and very wrong for my bill to be that high, because I have been dealinng with ongoing internet issues for months now, and it is a pain to try and deal with it, i send email after email showing the issues, i get phone call after phone call, tech after tech, for what? a huge bill increase, and not to mention in a pandemic, If my bill doesnt go back to what it was I will be forced to leave cox, cause this is a joke, a very bad one at that.

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  • If you need assistance with your bill, please reach out to us at  We are not able to discuss account concerns here on the forums.

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    you probably ran out a promotion, call cox/loyalty, they'll work it out.

    i see the same thing every year when the promo runs out.