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6 years ago

Terrible email 'service'

This evening my Thunderbird client stopped being able to send or receive mail.  At first it was just sending - I got an error message that the imap server was down.  Now nothing.  I tried sending from my phone and I was able to get an email from Cox to hotmail but the hotmail to Cox email didn't show up.  I remember about two years ago when Cox made a server 'update' and it took 9 months for them to straighten it out so I'm concerned.  At that time they had the problem with an update to the West servers and it took many calls to the Corporate hotline before I was move to another mail server.  

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    I get the following error message using my iPhone


    The mail server " is not responding.  Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings.

    Using Thunderbird I get Nada.

  • We have the same problem; response is imap server unreachable.   It seems that Cox's troubleshooting links don't address how to resolve such problems.  Any suggestions?

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      Just did a chat and the suggestion was to change my passwords.  She was clueless that there is a system server problem going on.

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        Up to the minute 'info'

        "This outage does not have estimated time but it will be as soon as possible, after the outage is over and the maintenance completed you will have your email working"

        It appears that 'maintenance began at about midnight EDT when I stopped being able to use my email and that brought the servers down.

  • Same here! THIS HAS TO STOP. Our productivity goes to zero. We have been a customer for over 20 years and the email service is the worst it has EVER been.

    Yesterday we received an email that we needed to change our passwords on our two main email accounts or they would be locked. We did that. Now getting the following error.

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      To cable and high speed internet businesses like Cox, who do not have to compete for our business, our experience with them is irrelevant.  It does indeed have to stop but for that to happen the market absolutely needs to be changed to allow for real competition.  Until then cable giants will be free to be openly contemptuous of their individual customers and their concerns.

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        My point was that after 20+ years you would think the email service would be "World Class". Wrong.

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    I am getting to really dislike COX's email. (been a customer for 20+ years)    Email access has been horrible for several months with random disconnects and flat out unable to access email, forward emails send between different cox email accounts. Emails are being dropped or not allowed into cox's email system. I have had real time issues with companies trying to send me emails and emails not going through, with error messages being sent back to the entity that the cox email account is not working. Even better yet is them getting the rejection message but the email somehow makes it through. Been to Cox's support several times now with no relief. Last time the cox support person was able to verify that randomly the email would not go through with the error message occurring, sometimes the error message would occur but the email would go through. Am supposed to be contacted by upperlevel support, but been over two weeks and no contact. One email account was moved over to the Cox myemail sever and appears to be mostly working. The other email account is on the older cox email server that is having much of the problems. Does anyone else have these problems and are there any solutions.  Guess I will contact COX support again tomorrow.

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      Hi Old Tinker, I was able to locate your escalation ticket. It would be helpful if you could provide other examples of this issue. Our email administrators would like to review the email headers (with date and time stamps) and the rejection messages you've received as a result of this issue. Email this info to our team at Be sure to include your full name and address, and also reference ticket number CUI000007102435 in your email. Thanks! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator