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4 years ago

Teckin Smart Plugs not connecting to new Router Installed

We have four (4) Teckin Smart Plugs installed in the house. They've been working until Cox just updated us with their new modem last week (April 16, 2021).

The model of the Teckin SP10-4. 

Cox updated us to replace the coax and older model (cox rental) to the new fiber optic connected modem. Looks like the technician keep the same SSID and password from the old modem. 

While Wifi is connecting and working for everything in the house (iPads, Firesticks, Apple TV, iPhones), the connection to the smart devices is completely broken. 

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    Hi @ChristopherM,
    If all of your other devices are working fine, you may want to make sure that your devices are connecting to the 2.4GHz band. If you have not downloaded the Cox Panoramic Wifi App, I recommend downloading it Once you download it would be able to make sure that the smart plugs are only connecting to the 2.4GHz band.

    Ben S.
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    A little late to the party here, but have you tried holding the reset button on the plugs until the indicator light starts flashing rapidly?  This will put the plugs into set up mode.  You will need to log into the Teckin app as well.  The app should see the SSID on the CGM4141.  Type in your WiFi password and the plugs should connect.  If they don't connect, then you may need to set up each plug as a new device in the Teckin app.  Also, these plugs are 2.4GHz only, so they will not even "see" the 5GHz network on the CGM4141.  Hope this helps.