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    I have had better luck with Phone Support.  They usually stay with me until my problem is resolved.  I have used Support Chat 5 times.  The first page offers a dialog box where you are asked to explain your problem.  So I write out an explanation: "I can receive emails (this was a year ago) but I can not send emails."  I explained what I had tried to fix the problem.  I did get a response from Support Chat.  They said "So, you are having problems with your internet?"   At every step of the way, I got the feeling that the Support Chat technician was not reading anything I wrote.  

    In answer to your question, I did get a response from them after getting the technician's name.  The response usually came within 2 minutes.

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      Thx, I've had mixed results - 1st time they were trying to troubleshoot basic stuff, the second time they gave me their name and then never responded afterwards.

      I finally drove to a local retail store, the manager said it's a bot at first, but you may get a person after so many chats.

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    I've read initially it's a bot.  Then a contributor claimed if you type "live" in the app, you'll get an actual rep.  i don't know but it sounds kinda hokey to me.

    Effective Customer Support seems to be a dying skill nowadays.  It's too bad.  If we buy their product, they're done with us.