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6 years ago

Sudden slow upload speeds

Just got off support chat which was a waste of time.  I'm not taking a day off work to have a tech come out and tell me that everything looks fine. 

I'm getting 20-50Mb down and 0.0Mb - 0.2Mb upload.  Completely unacceptable.   How do I get phone support from someone that actually knows how to do something other than reset my modem?

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    What's your Internet plan...Preferred?  Is 50 Mbps down acceptable?

    Can you post a screenshot of the Signal Strength for your modem?  Your Upstream Power and/or Signal-to-Noise Ratio may be temporarily out-of-spec for some reasons.  Also, the number of retransmissions from uncorrectable codewords may be killing your up-channel(s).  It should all be available on your modem page.

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      Yes, preferred.  50Mb is fine for the two of us and the number of devices we have.   We don't even come close to saturating it. 

      I would gladly post you a screenshot, but for some reason I can not connect to the modem's web page now.  I was looking at it last night at  and all the power levels were somewhere in the 45-50 range. 

      I did notice an error about no ranging response received in the log, but I don't remember the exact wording. 

      I seem to remember there was something screwy with this particular modem about the subnet or mask that you had to change to be able to connect.  Does that ring any bells?