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11 months ago

Substandard Speeds

I used to have 200MbpsX10Mbps service in which I could regularly get 220X15 speeds via a speed test. 

I upgraded to 250X10 service and now I get around 180X10 on speed tests.

My modem is a SURFboard SB6141, which is theoretically capable of 300Mbps x 100Mbps.

What gives here? I'd hate to buy a new modem and get the same speeds. Could I borrow one for a day from Cox you think?

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    the 6141 is an 8x4 channel modem not approved for 250 mb service. The max it's approved for is the essential tier, 250 is preferred and you would need to upgrade your modem. 

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    You could borrow one from Cox for a month. I think it is 15$ a month. Sb6141 is only approved up to Essential Plan on Cox, which is 100-150Mbps. What plan do you have exactly? If Prefered, you need at least a 16x4 tuner modem.

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        Oh ok, I found the speeds and data plans here, but I was making sure they were up to date. For what modem is needed for each plan, see here. I think Cox want's the hardware to be able to do double what the plan is rated for, for bandwidth reasons.