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5 years ago

Straight up lie about the Panoramic WIFi Modem by Technicolor

So trying to hook up Ethernet port two.  No go.  Login to modem admin and look under hardware>LAN and it says that port 2 is inactive then has a check box to dedicate to home security (but it will no longer show on the home network).  Try 3 techs who send a "hit" to the modem to activate the port.  Finally get escalated to a tech who says I dont think it can be activated.  So why in the name of all that is holy does Cox proudly advertise the below on the site (straight up false advertising).  Anyone able to get both Ethernet LAN ports working???  Considering getting a Netgear CM1200 and just running 2 WiFi routers at either end of the house which would be hardwired into the Netgear as that model is not WiFi.

Panoramic Wifi Gateway
(Technicolor CGM4141)

  • DOCSIS 3.1 compliant
  • IPv4/IPv6 router
  • 802.11n 2.4 GHz/802.11ac 5 GHz dual band technology
  • 32x8 channel bonding
  • PacketCable 2.0 eDVA
  • 2 port Gigabit Ethernet switch with advanced routing capability
  • Internal power supply and optional battery backup (24 hours or 8 hours)

he Technicolor CGM4141 has the following ports and buttons.

  • TEL 1 / TEL 2 - Connects to home telephone wiring and to conventional telephones or fax machines. TEL 1 is used for the first line of phone service and TEL 2 is for a second line of service.
  • ETHERNET - Two ports are available to connect to the 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports on your computer or other device. It is recommended that devices be hardwired if possible.
  • RESET - This is recessed to prevent accidental resets and is used to restore all settings to factory defaults. Factory resets result in the loss of all settings. To restore factory defaults, press and hold the indented Reset button for more than 10 seconds or until the front panel LED flashes.
  • CABLE - Connects the coax cable to the cable wall outlet.
  • POWER - Connects the power cord to the modem.
  • WPS - Located on the top of the modem, this button can be used instead of entering the WiFi password to connect wireless devices that support WPS to the Technicolor CGM4141. WPS works only for wireless networks that use a password that is encrypted with the WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols.

MAC Address and Network Name (SSID)

Click to enlarge.


MAC addresses are written as 12 digits containing both letters and numbers (0-9, A-F). A MAC address is unique. The first six characters of the MAC address are unique to the manufacturer of the device.


  • The SSID and password listed on the bottom of the device are only used to connect to the modem during the initial install or after a factory reset.
  • Technicolor recommends that a single Network Name (SSID) is used for the CGM4141 because the modem automatically chooses the best network for each connected device. Ensure all WiFi-ready devices recognize the single Network Name (SSID).

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    2 port Gigabit Ethernet switch with advanced routing capability

    The keyword is "switch" in the statement.  The 2 ports on your CGM4141 is essentially a switch on your personal, private, in-home network.

    When you connect a modem to the Cox network, Cox will assign only 1 public IP address to 1 port on your residential modem.  It's usually Port-1.  You can connect whatever you want to Port-1 for that public address:  PC, router, game-console, TV.  Whatever you connect to Port-1 (public address) will have Internet access.

    If you connect a router to Port-1, the router will have Internet access.  If you in-turn connect a laptop to the router, the router will then assign a private IP address to the laptop and then the laptop will have Internet access.  Repeat as necessary for more private addresses on your private network.

    Port-2 is a switch on your private network.  It's a 1-port switch.  Whatever you have connected to Port-1 can communicate with Port-2...privately...because it's on the same subnet.  However, only the device(s) connected to Port-1 will have Internet access.

    The "advanced routing capability" in the same statement probably means Port-2 has high-speed routing capabilities (Layer-3) but without Internet (WAN) connectivity.  Cox will have to clarify that snippet.

    If you want Cox to assign 2 public IP addresses to a modem with 2 WAN ports, you'd probably pay extra or require a Business account...and possibly a different modem.

  • Hi Dewwby. Both ports on the Panoramic Gateway 4141 should be active and available to use. My recommendation is to swap out the equipment at the local solutions store or if you prefer a service call, please email and include this link along with your complete address and name on the account. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      You are the first wit a real answer. I will try that, thanks

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    but it will no longer show on the home network

    I think toggling the Dedicate to Home Security option would remove Port-2 from your network.

    From what I understand of Homelife, the service requires a separate, "hands off" network in your home.  Although it's in your house, you're limited on what you can do on it.  You can't change it, reset it, disconnect it, move it or even swap the battery without permission.

    I don't think Cox wants their security router competing for bandwidth on a network with 3 devices streaming UHD.