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Still Getting Packetloss.

Hi, I have been just dealing with this packetloss issue for almost 3 years now, It has not been fixed. I have had line crew over to my house back to back days a couple months ago, they came to the conclusion that the node was oversaturated and that is why I have been getting packetloss at night, he showed me what a normal node looks like, and a oversaturated on looks like, then a few days go by then two people that have been working my area for 25+ years tells me that there is a plan to do a split node, he said around september it could be fixed, but I asked a tech that also works in my area from time to time, if that was true, he said there isn't any plan to split the node, cause I get packetloss at night, around 9:30 to the next morning.But during the day it is somewhat usable but at night gaming is impossible.
This is really getting annoying I have been sending emails since Feburary and I have not gotten really any news, or a fix. I cannot I repeat play games, watch tv shows/youtube (with constant buffers 55% of the time) my games get riddled with packetloss(on the upstream), I have done everything as a consumer, new routers, new pc components, called cox, talked to supervisors, etc. NOTHING HAS GOTTEN ME CLOSE TO A FIX. Either two things are gonna happen, ya'll fix the issue, or I will try to get internet somewhere else, this has gone on for too long and i don't appreciate this trash service I have been getting and paying for.
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