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7 months ago

Sporadic Internet

I've been having sporadic internet connectivity loss for the last two weeks. I have tried to solve this issue at least three times now. It was working fine yesterday or so I thought as the previous day I scheduled for a tech to come out so I canceled that.  Come to find out that it isn't just my internet it's the whole area that is having issues. Why is it everytime that I try to get assistance I'm asked over three times if everything is connected correctly? This is beyond frustrating and for the price I currently pay for internet it's unncaceptable. When I check the app it also states no known issues. Even when you supposedly were updating services for two days last week... located in Iowa.

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  • Hello. I'm very sorry to hear that you are having issues. Please reach out to us at so that we can take a look and your internet service. We'd love to help.