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8 months ago

Speed inconsistencies

We're supposed to be at the 500 mb level.  Speed check on desktop thru wireless says about 50 mb but same check on phone says 200 mb.  Of course neither is close to advertised level.  But why such an inconsistency between devices in the same network? Guess I need more education in this area.  

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    What do you get on a wired connection direct to the modem or router? Also, what model modem and router do you have?

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    Speed tests over WiFi are inaccurate. The only accurate way of measuring provided throughput is going to be with an Ethernet connection using either 1000baseTX, or higher. 

    Wireless is affected by many factors, Cordless Phones, microwave ovens, bluetooth devices, cordless keyboards and mice, (They can use 2.4 OR 5 ghz), Game controllers, baby monitors, garage door openers, , radio controlled toys, as well as every neiughbor with a wireless router as well as the above mentioned equipment. 

    There are things you can do to improve your connectivity and speeds over WiFi, Ensuring you are using a band that is more open than the others, ensuring the Wireless router is out in the open, not behind or under anything. Trying to make sure there is the fewest number of solid objects in between the wireless router and the device using WiFi. 

    Also remember, 5ghz, has ½ the range than 2.4 has, so while it's faster, at 25-30 feet, you are best served by being on 2.4.