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5 years ago

Spam email exploiting current health crisis

It’s bad enough that we as Cox customers have been INUNDATED with unsolicited spam email over the past few months that you seem to have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT.  But now the spam has reached a new low: exploiting the current national health crisis.  I find these emails advertising masks to protect you against Coronavirus to be EXTREMELY misleading and offensive in that they prey on a current crisis and lead the unsuspecting user to a spam website where they may be taken advantage of.  WHAT STEPS WILL COX EVER TAKE TO PREVENT THIS?!??  WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I’M IN AN ECHO CHAMBER TALKING TO A WALL?!?  This has gone way too far now and has sunk to a new low and Cox should be held liable if anyone falls prey to these predatory spam emails to take advantage of the vulnerable.  

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    i use outlook 2016, which picks up a few & i just checked cox webmail & found 6 more.....feels like they're doing something.

    perhaps it's the websites you visit!!