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So easy to "upgrade", impossible to find "Downgrade"

First, I don't use as much data as I used to. So I want to cancel the extra 500GB I pay $30 bucks a month for. Can't find that option anywhere. Annoying. But really, $119 dollars a month for internet is just ridiculous. I think it's time to start looking at other options, even if it's slower.

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    I think OP's point is Cox provides point-and-click to spend your money but not to save your money.

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    Try disconnecting. Last time I tried I had to go into the store since the guys said he couldn't do it online (I was just the wife. not the account holder.. sigh. They gave me a good rate not to cancel..). I called to disconnect again today after they raised my bill again and they gave me a number to call- a mental health line. Seriously chat lady.. not cool. So now I slog down to the office again this year .. oh yeah, I also called to ask for a call back.. every call back disconnected as as soon as I answered it.

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