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3 years ago

Since Aug 24 upgrade -on my home WI-Fi some Mobile App would not load on Android - load instantly on other WI-FI

Since Aug 24 COX upgrade -When at my home WI-Fi some Apps on my Android would not load or takes 10-15 min to load.

When I'm using a different WIFI -all Apps load instantly. So It's not an App issue, BUT my home WIFI.

I already run the "Reset Modem" on COX website.....Still same problem, So app just won't load on my home WIFI.

Anyone had a similar issue?

Any solution?


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    Hi @Frederick
    I know how important it is for you to have your app working properly. Although it gives you faster speeds the 5GHz band has shorter wavelengths and higher frequency meaning that it is not good for long-range connections. The 2.4GHz band has slower speeds but a longer wavelength making it more stable at longer distances. I would suggest downloading the Cox Panoramic Wifi App to see which bands your devices are using. The link provided here should assist you:
    Ben S.
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