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5 years ago

Setup service required!

Hi all, 

I just sign up for COX internet service at my new house. According to the phone tech, we need a new setup service. I called phone tech for an appointment and also walked into the store. I still don't have a real appointment yet. The current setup appointment is Dec 25, 2021. How come there is no one available to set up an internet service??? Cox charged my $50 deposit so fast, but can't provide me the service. This is ridiculous!!! 

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    Did the tech define the "setup service?"  If you need an outside NIU and wires, you may be able to hire a contractor.

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    so you don't have the real apartment, maybe why they gave you the absurd "show-up" date!!

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    Sounds like the address doesn't qualify for a self-install and needs a pro install which requires a technician inside the house. Because of the social distance, our technicians can’t go inside the house. The date provided just allows us to schedule a work order once we began entering homes you will be contacted by our field leadership team to schedule an appointment.

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      If you change the rules for a pro-install due to COVID, then change the rules for self-install due to COVID.  What can a tech do a competent person or contractor can't?  Publish some self-install guides.