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Setting up a new FireTV Stick and unable to log into channels apps.

So I tried with 2 different PCs, on 2 different ISP networks (1 is Cox) and both my cellphones and when going to the "CHOOSE A PROVIDER" page and then choosing COX, it goes to a log in page. Enter information and click SIGN IN and it just kicks back out to the main channel webpage. I have tried with ESPN, AMC, Lifetime, MTV, Comedy Central just trying random channel apps that I have access to with my cable TV service. I have spent several hours on the phone and moved up to tier 2. I even tried logging in with one of my kids Cox accounts in another part of the country and got the same results. I believe it's an issue with authentication on their website but they don't want to acknowledge that may be the problem.

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    Hello, it's quite possible there is an issue with your profile itself, and escalating this case seems like the best course of action that will lead to a resolution. We will be closely monitoring this escalation here in Social Media, and we apologize for any inconvenience. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator