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I am moving to a new subdivision that Is less than 1/2 mile from the city limits and currently has no internet service at all.  There are 2 homes that are being lived in, 1 currently under construction, 4 lots cleared for homes to start in the next 30 day and 4 lots that will be building in the next year.  There is also 62 acres that is marked for phase 2 of the subdivision.  

My question is, does know the process and who to contact to see if Cox is willing and/or able to bring service to this subdivision?

Thanks for any help or insight.


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      I know it’s a long shoot but our only other option is satellite internet and I know from experience that it **. 

  • You can email our team at with the complete address and a good contact number. We can fill out a serviceability request for you.

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