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4 years ago

Service has SUCKED for TWO DAYS NOW

I'm sick of this. I live in New Orleans and OVERPAY for Gigablast. The thing CONSTANTLY has weirdo intermittent problems. So, for TWO DAYS NOW NO STREAMING SERVICE WILL WORK. Not Amazon Prime, Not HBO, Not Netflix. They all spin and spin. Regular internet service is also oddly and intermittently poky as well.

Do NOT tell me to run Speedtest, I have until I'm blue in the face. I consistently get around 300 Mbps ("giga"blast my a**).

The day I have a decent high speed alternative in New Orleans I will cut off your service so fast you head will swim. FIX IT.

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    I feel your pain. I’m in New Orleans as well and my internet has gone down every night for the last 6 nights. They know they have the monopoly and don’t seem to care. I’m so sick of the run around and same “troubleshooting” and robbing us blind without any solutions. Sorry you’re dealing with this too.