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4 years ago

Separate internet for guest house

I am a current customer with Cox . I have a separate guest house (same address) that I rent out . My goal is for the tenant to have their own internet line separate from mine so they can have the bill in their name and have no connection to my account or service . I have called Cox back and forth for months and keep getting the run around that the process takes weeks they have to come a dog for a new line . Then they will say it’s easy just call when yo ur tenant moves in and we will send someone out .  Have any of you had the same issue and if so how was it resolved or how was it executed ?

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    has the tenant ever called cox to setup internet, see what's required??

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    The guest house has to be a Billing Address.  The easy part is laying cable and bolting an NIU onto the side of the house, but Cox needs a mailbox to send the bill.

    If the guest house is a billing address, schedule an appointment.