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See data usage by device?

I went over my data usage for the first time this month. How do I see which devices are using the most data each month? This is such a simple request but I cannot find anything in my online account or the Cox WiFi App. 

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  • Hi WishIDidntHaveCox,

    I apologize for the inconvenience, however, the Cox Data Usage Meter does not break down usage per device. This link has some useful information about Data Usage:

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    Mike J.
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      Your site says it does.  We have been going over limit for our plan for the past few months, but nothing has changed as far as devices.  I want to know why!

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        Hi lbcounslr, 


         Yes, our Site says that the number of devices will affect your Data but it does not say there is a way to see which devices has the most usage. Here is the link for more information on Data Usage, . If you feel nothing has changed, the best option would be to change your password and slowly add your devices back.