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4 years ago

Scheduled Note Split Delays

Long story short, summer of last year I had noticed that my pings in games or call quality with VoiP had been getting out of hand. Spiking from say 20-60 20-80. It slowly got worse, come January it was jumping to 20-300 in most games making it completely unplayable unless I hopped on around 2 AM until 10 AM. Multiple hours on the phone with Cox and two different Field Technician Specialists and a few of the Level 1 Field Tech's (whom worked on the wrong box outside my house which wasn't even connected). The Field Technician Specialists replaced all of my lines everything was good there. After doing some tests with a Cox modem they brought with them and testing on different ports other than the line connected to my house they decided that our area is over saturated and is due for a node split. Makes sense, there has been MANY new homes built over the past 3 years and they were all "planned" the foundations were there for probably 8 years. Not sure why it was such a big surprise to Cox. Anyhow, they told me it was scheduled to be split in July... I thought well that **. That's 6-7 months where half the purpose of my internet is useless. So I got 50% of my bill payed for 6 months prior to me calling (when it started) and 6 months forward to July when it was supposed to be fixed... July comes around and oh no it's been delayed, of course it has. Now it's supposed to be fixed in September. September comes around and no news. The Field Technician Specialist who had told me to keep in contact with him via email has gone dark and not replied in weeks. Calling Cox to get an update about this is MISERABLE. It would seem every time I call no one has any idea about why I'm calling. Like they have no history of what I've called about and the old tickets are closed? Sorry, nothing has been fixed why are these closed. Anytime I call I seem to have to explain myself for 15 minutes so that people understand. They then tend to just say "so you're having speed issues?" no, never once said that. Level 2 support comes around and I have to explain it all again, then I speak to someone in the Network Operating Center im guessing and same thing. It's so frustrating that they seem to have 0 notes on any of the calls and the Field Tech's seem to have completely different tickets to where no one else can see them. And of course where I live you can't just switch to Century Link or anyone else there is no other Cable/DSL/Fiber that I can move to. The next best thing would be a wireless service like Triad. Which if this september split is delayed once again I am 100% cancelling my service and trying out "wireless" how fun...

Sorry to anyone reading this wall of unplanned/unorganized text. This has been very frustrating and I hope others who may have this problem speak up.

My current status on this is waiting for a Field Service Manager to give me a call with an update on this "scheduled" split.

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    I am sorry you are experiencing problems with your service. I would love to see if we can help you resolve this issue. This appears as if you may need someone to investigate your account personally. We would be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

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