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2 years ago

Scam calls saying they are from COX

Today I received a call from a man at (918) 200-2647 stating he was with Cox.  He asked my first name and I replied he was correct.  Then he asked if I wanted him to help me set up internet at my new address.  I told him that I didn't have a new address yet.  I don't know if he guessed or saw our 'for sale' sign in our yard, but somehow knew we plan on moving.  I told him I didn't need any help because I was moving to a state that didn't have Cox.  He said ok and hung up.

I confirmed with Cox that they do not make these kind of calls as they would have no way to know who is planning an upcoming move.  These calls would obviously have to be originated by the Cox customer.


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    (918) 200 is a valid Area Code and exchange assigned by Teleport Communications America, Tulsa, OK, LLC.

    If you made any inquiry about your account and a move, Cox will share your data with an authorized, third-party merchant.  Realtors can also share your data with merchants.  I've moved a lot of times and names go onto a lot of lists.