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2 years ago

Sanity Check - Downstream Bonded Channel Frequencies and Power Levels

Our cable modem lists Downstream frequencies starting at 213000000 HZ and 4.7 dBmV (screenshot below).  As I research the Cox frequency standards I'm seeing other customers listing frequencies in the 700000 Hz range.  The majority of references I've found are in that 700 MHz range, with the exception for one customer who had channel frequencies starting at 340000000 Hz.   Per my screenshot, are these frequency levels nominal?  I.E. are they within the baseline for a stable cable internet connection?  If not, should I manually set the starting frequency range to 700000000 Hz?  The source issue I was originally investigating was intermittent internet signal drops.

Bonus question: Can the aforementioned downstream/upstream frequencies used by the cable internet be adversely effected by external devices using the same band in close proximity to the coaxial line?  The disruption source would have to be pulsed/tweaked similar to how specialized RF emitters can destabilize nearby wifi, or bluetooth signals.


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    Bonus answer, yes. Ingress or devices on those frequencies if powerful enough can have a detrimental effect on your signals. 

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    If those are the frequency your modem is detecting those are the frequency you should use IMO. If you want a more technical answer I suggest posting on DSLReports. See if you can get user Luke_ attention. Pretty sure he is a unofficial employee there and a engineer.