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8 months ago


Just got fiber installed in my home. I am looking to buy a router so I do not have to rent one every month. Anyone have a good suggestion for a router that is docsis 3.1 and under $200?

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    First, you don't need anything that is DOCISS 3.1 compatible. That is the whole point of going fiber(FTTH). Cox provides a optical network terminal(ONT) for free(stays on the property). See here for connecting your router to it. The only requirements is it has a WAN ethernet port and can handle DHCP. The only exception to this is RFoG which is different then true fiber. You can tell by the upload speed. DOCSIS currently caps at 100Mbps upload. Anything faster then that is fiber.

    I am a fan of Asus because I like their user interface and features. At that price point I would suggest the RT-AX58u. Here is a review of it.

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      I have the Netgear RAX120, it's a monster.

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        I would have suggested that and the RT-AX86u but it is over OP's budget.