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3 months ago

removal of McAfee Security Suite

Very upset that I've lost the McAfee Security Suite....

Seems my bill keeps going up, but my available services are going down.....

No E-mail support, no anti-virus support......what's next?

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  • Hi sangle1, 


    I understand how losing access to the McAfee Anti-virus software can be frustrating. We are always evaluating the features we provide customers. Our research shows most customers have anti-virus software on their computers. However, a very small number of our customers use the McAfee service we provide.


    Thank you for your patience, 

  • The fact of the matter is that Cybersecurity has moved beyond a focus on malware on your local system, and the native system defenses against malware are better than ever.

    Whether you have macOS or Windows, there are many built-in malware protections, such as Windows Defender. Configure this well, and don't worry about garden-variety threats. Desktop devices have firewall capabilities that'll block rogue apps. Likewise, browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Safari can be secured for safe browsing without the need for an extension. Furthermore, I recommend that you limit third-party apps, and always use the system's App Store for installing reputable apps. Malware is far less likely to get a foothold if you install only the apps you need, and don't download/sideload from third parties.

    The bigger security picture is focused on the online services you use now. Many people use platforms such as Facebook, Steam, Google Workspaces, Slack, etc. These all have integrations and run apps that interface with your accounts and not your local machine. Secure those integrations and don't play janky Facebook games. They could eventually worm through your contacts lists, your emails, or your cloud storage. McAfee can't do a thing about that. McAfee can't prevent you from giving out personal data, or entering your credit card/bank account on a janky e-commerce site. 

    If you consider this holistic picture and still feel the need for McAfee, then you can subscribe to it like everyone else. It's perfectly useful for the scope they've defined. You may be quite comfortable with its interface or their support staff. Cox is just signaling to us that the McAfee contract was no longer cost-effective.

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      I didn't see either of you address the fact that the bill keeps going up, and Cox is eliminating a service they have provided for years. I have used McAfee for years. since I got the account 24 years ago and question the numbers of people not using it. Frankly, I find the response, "pay for it like everyone else" to be insulting. I have been paying for it through Cox for 24 years.

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        I get where you are coming from. McAfee has always been included as a free feature.  Our goal is to provide the services our customers want and keep them connected to the things they love. With that in mind, we continually evaluate rolling out features or services that give customers the ability to do more. Part of this evaluation includes discontinuing features that the majority of our customers just don't use. We value your 24 years of loyalty and appreciate your feedback, which I have shared with our product planning team.