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4 years ago

re: North Phoenix Arson 9/23-9/24 - Not getting Facebook notifications, etc

Is anybody else having strange problems with their email or other things since the arson that happened in North Phoenix earlier this week?

I have found that I am no longer getting Facebook notifications from groups I am a part of, that are being sent to my email address. I get a lot of notifications on a daily basis as I am a part of a number of active groups - and those notifications have dropped to zero. I suspect that the (or the sub-domain(s) have been blacklisted due to bounced emails or something of that nature, because the outage was so widespread and lasted so long.

I am wondering if anyone else has noticed similar problems?

I get all my other emails - or at least I think I am - fine - but they aren't from companies or such that contact me daily with several messages per hour.

I wanted to try to set up an email at a hosting provider I use for my personal website (and point the FB notifications to that email, since it isn't blacklisted, so that I could see if that was the issue), but I couldn't access their admin panel - I have a support ticket in with them, and I've asked for them to check if there has been any form of blacklisting of the Phoenix domain(s).

I'm not asking anyone here for help on this issue, as I realize you people are just other customers having their own issues, but I would like to know if its just me, or if others are running into similar things.

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    So it's definitely something being blocked - I set up my FB account to send notifications to a different email address, one on a server I have my website on, completely different domain - and it's working fine now. So FB was trying to send notifications to my Cox email address, and they weren't going through (wasn't downloading them - I use Thunderbird for my main email client on my PC).

    So that says to me that FB either stopped sending them to the (or, or (sub)domain - or they were being filtered in some manner - and it was likely because of the fire/arson, and bounced emails triggering the filtering (or non-sending, most likely).

    On a different note, the reason I couldn't get to the admin panel on my hosting service was because they had changed things to disallow going to the page from non-whitelisted IP addresses - it had nothing to do with anything else. It was a security precaution they were taking, but never sent out a notice about. Instead, I guess they figured it was easier to wait for people to complain to support staff about the issue, and have them whitelist the IP address (which is probably true - most of their clients likely don't do their own admin, but farm it out to an agency or other webdev service).

    But how many other people out there aren't getting FB notifications because (etc) is blocked? I dunno. Maybe I'm one of a very few who uses a browser and thunderbird for the majority of my internet (and most people use the FB app on their phone or whatnot)?

    I wonder if this will ever be resolved? In my case, it doesn't really matter now - I've resolved it myself for now. But it shouldn't have to be this way, and most people won't have that option.