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5 years ago

Power was knocked out, line now dead?

So last night, the power went out twice last night for reasons I don’t know. The first time was just a few seconds, and the second time was five minutes. The power restored, but our modem of a few years dropped connection. Just today I went to get the newest Panoramic WiFi modem thinking that was the issue, but the problem still persists. The LAN does not work, the WiFi does not work. The LAN has my network as network 3 - no internet access. 

Ive never had an issue of both the Ethernet and WiFi connections not working, leading me to believe that something happened to the line running to my apartment. I can’t even remotely reset my modem, seeming as if it can’t even be detected currently. Ideally I would like to go straight to a service call and have technicians come out to look at and fix the problem, as I’ve had issues with my line in the past. Can anyone help?

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    Send an email to that contains a link to this thread.  They will help you.