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4 years ago

Possible fraud alert

+18444728791 just called us a little bit ago, robot. Saying that we had payment due immediately, and they had our full amount that we owed because I pay my bill a little bit late correct. They ask you for information to verify yourself, in my case it was just my zip code. Then they want a credit card to pay off your bill. I had initially missed the call because I was preoccupied, but when I called the number that they left a voicemail  it asked me if I was who I was.  Now that's not uncommon because a lot of these numbers that you called back recognize a phone number that you call from as Who You Are . I did not give them any information or talk to a live person, I had just recently paid through the app. After I got the call I contacted chat and the agent named Crystal told me that they don't call for anything other than Collections and that it was very odd. She's going to pass the information on, but I wanted to post for everybody else to see just in case so nobody Falls for a possible scam

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    be careful responding "yes", they may record it, use it to access your accounts!

    you aren't the only one getting calls about overdue bills, offering to let you pay with cc.

    i used to let unk calls go to vm on my cell phone, missed an important call that i didn't have in contacts.

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      Didn't recognize the number that's why I reported it to support and posted about it here for everybody else to see as well. If anyone finds information contrary please let me know