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5 years ago

Port Forwarding through two routers

Hi, I have been trying to port forward for the past 3 days now, trying to make a Minecraft server and I've been having some trouble. The port is 25565, and I have two different routers that I have been trying to port forward through. My main router is the panoramic router/modem. That is what runs everything, and then I also have a second one, its a netgear router. First, I didn't know the password for the netgear router so i factory reset it so it's just the admin username and password. I went into the advanced tab -> port forwarding and added the port to the device and ip. Then I realized that the port was still closed so I searched it up and saw something about allowing the port through the firewall so I allowed it through the firewall and even turned it off after to make sure that it wouldn't have an issue. And then I saw something about having two routers and needing to allow it through both of them. So i sign into my cox router and click the port forwarding tab and it brought me to with all my profile settings and everything. I go into network -> gateway -> advanced settings -> port forwarding and i click add port. Then i realize i have to select the device and im assuming that i have to click my router so i click netgear device and allow the port through (25565) and I check on it again and its not going through. then I looked for my computer and it's not listed so i just click on the "generic brand windows pc/laptop" and let the port through and still nothing. I also disabled my advanced security and I did this all before i port forwarded anything. Is there any way  I can allow ports through a specific ip address and not a specific device because i feel like thats the problem but im not really sure im new to this stuff. I don't know what is blocking the port and need help.

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