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3 years ago

Port Forwarding Multiple Devices To The Same Ports

Hello, I need to forward multiple devices (a desktop and a laptop) through the same ports on my router, but attempting to do so through gives an error that each port can only forward a single device. Is there a way to work around this?

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    Do you mean that you have 2 devices and you want to forward the same inbound port to both devices? For example, you want to forward port 1234 to but you also want to forward it to at the same time? That's not possible on any device because it doesn't make sense. What if both devices are on at the same time? Which one is supposed to respond?

    There are workarounds you can do by forwarding different inbound ports to the same destination port but you would need to provide more details such as the particular port/service you want to forward if you want help with those.