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6 years ago

Pointless Fee for moving?

So, let me get this straight.  I already have service with you guys.  

I moved to a new place.  Already wired and ready to go.  I go through the "Move my Service" process, choose date, confirm.  I take my current existing modem, plug it in.

Everything works, a 5 second process.  (maybe 6 or 7, twisting the coax to the wall was a lot of twisting!)

I get charged a $20 "Internet Self Activation Kit" Fee.

Seriously?  I didn't get no Self Activation Kit (not like I needed it in the first place, already had my own modem from my ALREADY CURRENT ACTIVE service).  No Technician had to come and turn on the service at the pole or anything (service has been setup and active here).

I only plugged the wire in to the wall, powered on the modem, and was on the way.  

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  • when we were first forced to use those fisher-price mini boxes just to get the tv we used to get by plugging in & turning on, i got the same charge.  i was furious because i did all the work!  including 2 25mi round trips to the facility the furthest from my house (the only cox store that had them!) because they gave me the wrong kind first. turns out, if your tv is more than 5 minutes old, you need one of the "special" brand that they kept in another room. so all the coax twisting & programming had to be done twice as well.  i called and they removed the charge.