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3 years ago

PCs for people is not a good company.

If you joined the Cox EBB program they have this company that will give you a refurbished Pc with a COX credit. Well I give Cox a pat in the back for trying but these computers don’t get packed well. No power cord was in there. Computer was dead on arrival. So when you buy the computer you have 30 days for a refund. 25 days later I receive the computer and then ordered a power cord off Amazon to find out it doesn’t work. Try to exchange it and I’m a day late. Guess I will throw it away. :(

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    30 days from when you buy it or when you receive it?  Rhetorical question:  Why'd it take 25 days to deliver?  I mean, when I was stationed overseas and ordered stuff via catalogs (1980s), it never took longer than 25 days.

    Would you suggest contacting this company or Cox EBB if someone receives a PC with missing pieces?

    Why doesn't the computer work?  Desktop computers normally have basic power cords...meaning no power-supply is wired onto its your PC may just have a bad power-supply inside its chassis.  It's an EZ fix.

    I'm not suggesting its power-supply is bad but requesting more detail about how the PC responds.  Does its cooling fan whirl, any lights illuminate, what appears on its screen?  Stuff like this.