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5 years ago

Paying for Gigablast - getting less than 10% of that for months now

Been a Cox customer for ~ 13 years since I've lived in NW Las Vegas. Never had too much trouble from them. In early December moved into a new house and "upgraded" to Gigablast package.

Ever since then (almost 4 months now) I've been unable to get anywhere close to the proper download speeds. If I'm lucky, I'll get 100 Mbps down and 35 up over WiFi. I've seen as high as ~ 250-280 down over WiFi and even got 900+ over Ethernet for a day or two, but that's just a few days out of almost 120.

Before we go any further - this has NOTHING to do with extra people being online since Covid-19 outbreak. I was having these terrible speeds all through December and at all hours of the day/night.

Netgear Nighthawk C7800 Modem/Router/WAP. Bought new on Amazon first week of December. It is DOCSIS 3.1 and when speeds are good coming in over the wire it works like a charm - don't think it's the problem at all. Keep reading.

6 different techs have been to the house since December. We've tried:

New equipment at tap out at street. (I'm the only person on that tap)

New cable from tap to side of my house. Tried that - didn't do anything.

New barrel connectors on coax in attic - installed just before one of the techs fell through my attic drywall and almost fell 12 feet to garage floor below - luckily he was young and strong and caught himself before going all the way down. Cox fixed the drywall immediately and it looks great, by the way. No problems there. Poor kid just stepped in the wrong place.

Various tech's equipment has had the same download speeds as me at times (crappy) and other times has seen decent download speeds. (Just like me). Remember, 6 of them have been here in 4 months.

I only have about 9 devices in my house - 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, one laptop (2018 model Dell), 2011-vintage iMac and 3 Roku devices. I am NOT a gamer (never played an XBox or Playstation in my life) and other than all-streaming for tv don't consider myself a "power user." All devices having same issues.

Regular old "3rd party contractor" techs are stumped.

Any advice/help?

Is there a way to escalate to an engineer-level team?


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  • Should add - my upload speeds are almost always decent. Mid-30s. It's only download speeds that are crazy slow. Right now I'm under 3 Mbps download. If I'd just started having those speeds I'd attribute it to Covid-19 stay-at-home orders. But I've had this problem (and yes, those poor download speeds) for almsot 4 months.