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2 years ago

Panoramic Wifi Gateway Rental

I’m paying a Panoramic Wifi Gateway Rental fee each month and out of courtesy I expected an email or text informing me that a Panoramic Wifi Gateway upgrade is available. Seems unfair and bad customer service to not inform the customer about a rental upgrade. I had to log into my account and check if there was an upgrade…why is this?

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    What gateway did you have and which one are you going to be upgrading to? I hear the white ones have less wifi range. Not all that that is new is better.

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    Because an upgrade may not be necessary. If you are on preferred internet, then they basic pano modem will more than provide all the service necessary. Upgrading will do nothing for you, but have you setup your network all over again. 

  • Hi RetiredUSAF. Thank you for your feedback and I will be glad to share this feedback with leadership. Thanks, Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator