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4 years ago

Panoramic Port Forwarding

All the posts I see about this being resolved are 10-11 months old, and walk you through an option that doesn't seem to exist any longer. eg:

I want to forward a port. It's so simple, has always been. Why does Cox mess something so simple up? "Now easier than ever"...

I've got the panoramic app, trying to use HomeAssistant Cloud to connect to a local instance. I go to, and there's no option anywhere for any device to forward ports. $10 to talk about it on cox, as the other posts state. 

Staying on cox without port forwarding isn't even an option for me. Does anyone have a solution for this? 

What do they say when people pay and call in about it? Do they do it for you, so that way you *have* to pay?

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  • Probably not advice you want to hear right now but... dump the Panoramic modem (why pay rental fee?) and purchase your own cable modem/WiFi router combo or separate cable modem and WiFI router devices. Purchasing your own equipment will pay for itself within the first year or two. With your own WiFi router, you'll have more network configuration options. I've got the Arris SB8200 cable modem and Gryphon mesh router system. 

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    My neighbor recently switch to the panoramic modem by Technicolor.  I installed his security cameras.  Can't connect outside of the house.  I opened the necessary port, but still being blocked.  Attempted to turn on DMZ for the DVR, but got error. Turned off Advanced Security.  Still blocked. Have reset numerous times.  Disabled port forwarding with Advanced Security off.  Still blocked. Now I get error when I attempt to add port forwarding.  We called Cox.  Sign up for $10 monthly plan and someone will help you?   Told the girl better option is to send the modem back and get one that we can work with.  

    If anyone has a solution I'm all ears.  Saw on another post were a Cox Contributor said need to call manufacturer for your system since not Cox cameras.  Ridiculous!  I've set up a lot of DVR systems and never seen an issue like this.  I also have Cox internet, but I'm not using this modem and never will.

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    Hi@ Natdm,

    I know it is frustrating when you cannot get to the features that you want. Log in to, then click connect at the top, under your Wifi Network click on 'See Network', under 'more' click on 'Advanced Settings', which will take you to the screen where you will be able to do Port Forwarding. Here is a link that will help as well:

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      I set up port forwarding.  Glitch in Cox system wouldn't allow me to set it up again after I deleted it.  Finally I added port forwarding to another device, and once I did that I could add port forwarding to the DVR.  That didn't work.  Activated DMZ for the DVR port. Not something I wanted to do, but can't get it to work. Now I can connect to it from outside of his house, but not when on local network.  Ridiculous!  I agree with Superbigwaff.  I suggested to him he send it back and buy a real modem and router.  This device is garbage.  Shame on Cox for promoting a device that won't do what it needs to do.