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3 years ago

Panoramic Modem Fan Noise / Constant Humming

My recently installed/upgraded Panoramic modem has a fan that run constantly and produces an audible humming that never shuts off and is totally annoying. My "new" Panoramic modem/router was also actually a dirty refurbished unit that they passed off as "new." In checking around, I find the even the truly new ones still make the same annoying hum. Shame on Cox for purchasing these units that have this annoying feature... and for sending them out to unsuspecting customers... who don't discover this until it is too late. Very disappointed in Cox... and I will be looking around for another provider for everything... TV, internet, email and phone. Big mistake Cox... you are supposed to be pros. In this instance, your "new and improved" is actually "way worse" and your new Panoramic Modem/Routers *** !!

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    @Don L Las Vegas

    I truly apologize for the issue with refurbished equipment as well as not getting a picture after installing the cable boxes. While most of the equipment Cox provides to customers is new, there are times when refurbished equipment is needed. Refurbished equipment is supposed to go through testing and cleaning prior to being returned to inventory. I can only imagine how I'd feel if I received a modem/router in the condition you described! I probably would have returned the box to the Cox store rather than trying to clean it. I appreciate how returning to the store may not have been convenient. I'm not sure if you called, but if you did and spoke to a customer support agent, we should have offered to send you another modem/router and a return label so you could return the refurbished box to us at our expense. I'm so sorry this didn't happen and for the difficulty, you experienced when installing the modem router it shouldn't be a constant humming. If you like for us to ship one out please email your full name, full address, and a link to this thread.

    Jonathan J
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