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5 years ago

Panoramic Modem Ethernet Rubber-Banding

I am plugged into the Panoramic modem through a cat 6 ethernet cord, and am getting average speeds of 35 mbps download and 1.4 ish mbps upload, and am paying for 100/10. Also, any game that I play, as long as it connects to the internet, I 100% rubber band. This is 100% more rubber banding than I had with my comcast modem in Illinois, even with much slower speeds. I have been trying to live stream some games that aren't necessarily internet heavy, and just on an opening screen without music or any game up, my upload bitrate was 0. Does anyone have any idea of what I should do? I have been contemplating just getting a new modem, but I want to make sure it isn't something I can change without getting a different modem.

Game details:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive: gets 36 ping to servers in California, not sure if that is good or bad for my location, but in Illinois, that's the ping I got to New York servers with a significantly lower package

Trove: I rubber band no matter how many people are on in my house or what applications are running

Rocket League: Rubber band every game that I play that is online with an exception like once a day

Some hardware details:

Network drivers are up to date on my PC

Panoramic WiFi Modem

Belkin cat 6 high-speed cable (The cable cox sent was a test cat 6 so speeds were slightly slower)

The coax leading into the modem goes through only 1 necessary splitter

If more info is needed I will be glad to give that info if I can find it