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6 years ago

Packet loss during nightly hours.

This issue has noticeably been happening starting around the hours of 7pm CST some times at the latest 8:20ish pm. It does not cease until the next morning around 9am. The packet loss is roughly around 30%. It effects over internet connection. Voice quality and uploading is very noticeable to the point I can not be heard correctly or I have to wait until the issue stops to continue my tasks.

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      Hi Manny_Freeze, as of now, your signal levels look great and we are not detecting any packet loss or any unusual activity in your are at this time. The next time you are experiencing packet loss, can you please email us at Our support is available 24/7. One theory is that you may be experiencing ingress. Temperature fluctuations and moisture in the cable line(s) can cause signal issues. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Cox has a tendency to mess around with internet later in the evening when they need to work on the internet infrastructure. If there is construction nearby it might the issue. Try chatting online with Cox technical support during the time you're having issues and they may tell you there is an issue in your area and approximately what time the issue is suppose to be resolved. It's worth a check.