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4 years ago

Packet Burst and Packet Loss

So, I have been having packet burst heavily when playing games online and when this happens sometimes the ping will spike for a brief amount of time.There also has been some packet loss here and there. I have been experiencing this for about two months at this point. I have recently tried solving this since it is extremely hard to play anything. I have gotten a new modem and router, replaced my ethernet cable, got a ethernet pcie card, and reinstalled windows. Nothing has fixed it. I have a tech coming out tomorrow to see if they can do anything. Has anyone else been experiencing this and has anyone gotten this resolved? I hate to but, I might have to switch to another isp if this issue can't be fixed. It has gone on for far to long and if it is just a matter of network congestion then, I will have to if I want it to be resolved asap.


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  • I'm actually in thr same exact boat. For about 5 months now. I've tried to switch, but nothing else is available in my area .

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    Please let us know if you have further issues after the technician's visit.

    Jonathan J
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    Same condition here.  I'm a long-time Cox customer paying for the 200Mbps package. My ping is typically 50ms or less, 0% packet loss....but when playing Warzone for the past couple months I've been getting packet burst constantly.  This makes my game unplayable at times and nothing I've tried via my own research has fixed the issue.  Ethernet settings, graphics settings, drivers, router resets, etc.  I'm sure the Cox system is stressed with so many still working from home, but if this does end up being an issue specific to Cox and Warzone game servers then I'll be forced to switch ISP's as well.

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      Hi Jschuess,

      Are you able to perform multiple traceroutes, WinMTRs, or PingPlotter results to the Warzone game serve to pinpoint where you lag may be coming from?

      Ben S.
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    I have the same issue im on a 5th visit from a tech tomorrow and no fix yet. hopefully this next tech know something