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9 months ago


For those who work from home how do you deal with the Internet going down so much?? My wifi goes down up to 3xs a day and is affecting my son's remote job (not in a good way either).  Help pls


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    YESSSS! No assistance through support either! The support individual says "rest assured, this will improve" (after I told him I've reset everything completely each time per day, yet NOTHING is better, so how can I "rest assured"? Lol. I'm being charged more this year for basically a quarter of the capabilities I previously achieved with this provider.


    I'm sorry to hear that has been happening. Do you have wired devices as well? Are those also losing connection? How long are the drops? Please feel free to send an email to with your address and a link to this thread. I'd be glad to take a closer look at the modem logs.



    Thank you.