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2 years ago

Outage - Edmond Oklahoma

24 hours without internet, TV, landline phone. Next door neighbor's service came back up 5 hours ago. When will service be restored?

  • Update 03-17-23 17:25 CDT:

    Thanks to intervention by the Cox Executive Resolution team, service has been restored. No area-wide outage. Cox connection box shared by me and backyard neighbor had a blown power supply and fiber optic cable had come loose from a deteriorating connector.

    Kudos to Laticia, Social Media Specialist, who tried to help last night. Kudos to Doug the Cox technician who had me and my neighbor connected and running again within 15 minutes of arriving on scene. And, kudos to Pamela L., on the Cox Executive Resolution Team, who got the ball rolling.

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    If your neighbor is up I would think the "outage" is over, at least in your area. Have you tried a power cycle of the equipment? Keep in mind I am just a user like you.

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      I have tried resetting/power cycling modem and router, multiple times.

      Also tried reset through Cox website and get the following message:

      "Unable to reset modem. We've identified a network-impacting event affecting the consistent delivery of service to your home. We know this can be frustrating, but we do appreciate your patience while our teams work to resolve this event."

      I am using my AT&T cell phone as a hotspot right now for internet access.

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        Hello Starman,

        I am truly sorry to hear that your service is still down after your neighbors' services have been restored. I want to look into what's going on. When you have a chance, can you email my team at with your name, address, and a link to this thread?

        Tiffany R.
        Cox Support Forum Moderator