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4 years ago

Outage “resolved” but still no internet

Tuesday at around 7 we lost internet. Cox sent us a text stating it was resolved on yesterday morning but here we sit 36 hours later with still no internet. I work from home due to Covid and I have had to use my mobile hotspot for the last 3 days. Which is problematic. After calling they stated the outage was resolved but they can’t get a technician. Soonest they can come out is the 11th after 5. So that is a whole week without internet and a week that I am unable to do my job efficiently. I have reset my modem at least 10 time and to no avail. No internet.

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    We try to post updated about outages being cleared for the most part it's accurate. There are times when unforeseen things happen that cause the time to change.

    Jonathan J
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