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3 years ago

Other options besides cable and fiber?

What other options are available that Is consistent,  and isn't "land based"?

I have 1 service provider in my area (Cox) and there has been issues in my area for years now and they can't seem to resolve it and I'm fed up.

It's gigabit internet and I often get ping up to 1,000ms.

Is there any options that would suffice for gaming online?

I know there is LTE services but all the companies say they don't support my area, which is odd..

What options should I look into and how do I go about acquiring it?

Thanks in advance!

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    Yeah...I noticed Trinity had third-world plans at Branflation prices.

    Premium Plan...$89...15//5 Mb..."This plan is for larger families or our clients who like to stream all of their tv content throughout their home along with all of their other online content."  At which resolution...120p?  I wonder if the 30/30 plan in your first graphic is a business plan?  Could you imagine its cost?

    I guess we'll see what happens in 2022.

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      Yea.. that seems outrageous for that kind of speeds. Not to mention, the inconsistency, most likely. 

      I guess it's a supply/demand situation they take advantage of.

      People in rural areas who have no other options but them. 

      Pay this, or have no internet.