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4 years ago

Orbi WiFi 6 DOCSIS 3.1 Mesh WiFi System with Built-in Cable Modem (CBK752)

Is it worth replacing the Cox Panoramic modem with this unit. I need better coverage in my house. I have a 150 abs plan but only get 15-20mps In my garage where I ride my Peloton. 

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    The CBK752 is WiFi, no MoCA option (the central unit has ethernet jacks, but you would have to run CAT 6 cable through your house.

    Is your house wired with coax? If so, take advantage of MoCA (multimedia over coax).

    I have found the MoCA feature in Cox's Panoramic modem (CGM4141) disables itself nightly and with each reboot (and no official answer from Cox, in my area, as to why).

    Any suped up DOCSIS 3.1 modem/router with 32/8 channels, WiFi 6 and a MoCA option will do (plus a free phone modem from Cox). Add a few Actiontec Network Extenders (WCB6200Q) connected to any coax outlet and it's WiFi is like standing next to your router or sling a little CAT 6 ethernet cable to your PC from the WBC (up to about 165' per run can still deliver 10Gbps) and you will get about 90% of the speed you are paying for without the WiFi slowdown... That's 135 Mbps in your garage while you pedal away...

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    Hello, I will let you know. I ordered it on Amazon and it should arrive in one day. FYI, I have been using the provided Panoramic Wifi Gateway on the Gigablast plan. Looking for improvement to devices in upper floor and across the house.

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    I have been using the CBK752 for about a week. AMA.

    Generally the signal is stronger than the panoramic and you can put the satellite closer to your garage to hopefully improve the signal. If you can run an Ethernet to your garage or use a power line Ethernet adapter, you can install the satellite in your garage for basically full speed connectivity.

  • short answer, if i could afford a peloton i'd probably just buy this and forget about it...

    long answer: i literally just bought the 3 pack orbi wifi 6 without the built in cable modem on saturday. it's pretty nice, very easy to setup, but wasn't really that big of an improvement over the wireless access points i already have. i'd say if you have the $ and don't want to fiddle with your network you probably won't find a better out of the box solution, but for me $1k was more than i was willing to part with for what it is. i'll probably just break down and buy a uniquiti dream machine pro, a managed switch, some APs and configure it all myself.