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5 years ago

online log-in

I like to log into Cox email online to add filter rules and stop spam Cox does not already remove. Over the last week it has become extremely difficult and time-consuming to merely log on to my email account online. Safari and Chrome, same issue. I have to log on thru the Cox home page and back into it.  What has changed? Why does Cox gag on my trying to log on?

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    Hello notTHEman,

    Thank you for reaching out to Cox Forum Support. Are you getting an error message when you log in?

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      I've had similar problems signing in to my Cox acct. in past years. My password is never recognized when I try to sign in a month or two after re-setting it once again. And then I get a security question which has changed since I last re-set it. I'll get a different security question from years ago, then answer that one with the answer that I originally provided years ago -- and it does not recognize the answer and I'm blocked once again. So, what happened to the security question I most recently established? And why don't I get a chance to answer that one instead of the old one?

      I understand Cox is probably trying to defend against hackers, but this is ridiculous. I always have to start the process over again and re-establish I'm the account owner, re-do password and / or other related info -- but no new info seems to be saved by Cox to identify me when I try to get back in. Why the hassle?

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        @whythehassle, we appreciate your feedback. The safety and security of customer privacy information remain of utmost importance at Cox. If you are still experiencing any sign-in issues or problems setting up the security question, please include a link to this forum comment and reach out to us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator