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Ongoing imap server issues...

Outlook 2016 and Mozilla Thunderbird intermittently (10-20 times per day) telling me that it cannot log in to and ask me to verify my credentials. We experience this on 4 different computers for several months now. The credentials are fine. If I wait, the client will eventually connect. The same credentials also log me into email.  The problem is that I have app up box that pops up 10-20 times per day.   I tried resetting my password, recreating my profile, reinstalling outlook, shutting down antivirus and firewall programs, nothing resolves this.

Juan from "CAG level Support" says Cox does not support 3rd party email applications and provides no way to escalate this problem. Cox refuses to trouble shoot their end of the email server, even though the service apparently admitted there was an outage on their imap server last week and they advertise how to use imap and pop accounts with Cox service.  This is maddening as I am paying $$$ bucks per month for Cox internet and TV service.

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  • Hi Jhandersen. When you reset the password for this email account, please make sure that you don't use the same letters or numbers that were used in the previous password and make sure that you update the incoming and outgoing servers as well as anywhere the password is saved as this will cause an issue and possibly corrupt your password. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator