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4 years ago

One laptop disconnects Wi-Fi on ALL devices

I have an HP Pavilion laptop and use it wirelessly, on our Cox Gigablast service and lastest Panoramic gateway. Almost every time I start it or wake it up from Sleep mode, when it starts, EVERY WiFi connection is disconnected for about 30 sec to a minute. This is the on;y device that causes this housewide disconnect. It does not seem to affect ethernet connections. I have seen a number of these reports on this forum, and it seems that every time, it is an HP laptop (eg, Elitebook). Even if only 3 other active devices are connected, and one person is watching a YouTube, they all go out. I just picked up this modem yesterday. but it happened on the other 2 I brought home. The are no special configurations on the router; I only changed the SSID and Password to ensure neighbors aren't using it. Any help appreciated.

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  • Hi Smnnkd. At this point, you may want to contact HP to see what can be done to fix this. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    When the WiFi disconnects...or when the HP boots (wakes)...I'm curious what the router logs in its event viewer.  Does Panoramic have an event viewer?

    I'm also curious if the HP has a Realtek wireless NIC.