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4 years ago

Old email address to new account

I’ve had an email address attached to my account. It’s forwarded to my gmail account. I noticed that it quit working. A year or so ago, we transferred all the cox account to his name. Is there anyway to transfer that old email into his account? I’m not able to open a new email bc they no longer offer it but all my password recovery emails are going to the accounts and I’d like to access them to change the email address, even if temporarily. Or i would like to ensure that the email address is not being used by someone else now. Yikes. I am not sure when the old email quit active as I wasn’t notified.

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    some time back security protocols changed for email.

    check 'em, use to forward as i'm not sure you can change it.

  • @Kjudith, I recommend reaching out to us via email at with your name, the email address in question and a brief description of this issue so we can look into it for you. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.