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4 years ago

Notification of maintenance

When cox have a scheduled maintenance they should contact the area they are doing maintenance on.

This can easily been don by writing a a simple program with parameters they can add such as zip code and subject line and notice number to send out.

Then the program can be run where it can go out to all customers business and residential get all that are in that zip code and get there email address and store them in a temporary location then after it gets all the emails then then next part of program go through and for each email send out the the subject # indicated and the notice # indicated to a  those customers notifying them there will be maintenance be performed at the scheduled time.

Especially during this time when so many people are working from home and trying to get work accomplished when they can and not knowing that there system maybe down for many hours is not acceptable.

If the company cares about there customers then this is something that should be easy for them to accomplish to send out notifications to let customers know.

This would help if someone in that zip code either had a job that need to be done that night or was on call and an issue came up they could be prepared to have another associate in another zip code run processes or handle the issue after a page due to outage.

You know they have are zip codes and our emails they send out notifications when you bill is due in 7 days.

They as a company need to step up and be more helpful during this time when more people are working from home and in this technology age this should be easy form them to rectify this issue and notify the customers so they can be prepared in advance.  

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    Cox service is being replaced particularly by AT&T who are extremely responsive and easier to contact.  The pole with the Cox wiring feeding to our home is completely covered with vines and not even visible. Cox has made NO effort to address this although I have the best and most expensive service available in my area, it is compromised by Cox's not keeping the lines clear on the poles in our area.

  • Hello Grizz12, I can certainly understand your concern over outage notifications and we appreciate the suggestions. You can find outage updates and notifications online at or with our Cox app if you have access to a smartphone. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.